Monday, January 16, 2012

Economic Injustice

Economic Injustice.

I had the same problem as Shennen, where I tried to leave a comment and it brought me to a blank page.  I hear alot of negative thoughts, backlash and criticisms on Obama and his whole administration.  I was suprised and enjoyed his speech on taxes.  I also agree that the wealthy should pay the same taxes as the middle class. Obama said it best when he said we know its right. its time to do whats right.  Obama has alot of momentum on this subject and I hope his administration runs with it.  He stresses the importance of this issue falling on our children's laps. Hopefully this issue can be resolved in a matter of time, as I will be teaching fulltime in the near future.  I completely agree with Jose's comment that the wealthy have more money than they will ever use.  They drop a million on a week long vacation when that money could do so much for the education systems.  Just think how many computers, books, and resources you can equip schools with a million dollars? There are some schools where children have to share a MATH book.  I'm just saying.

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  1. I'm not sure if you were there, but after leaving Burnside I was able to catch the rally in front of the Capitol building. It was focused on blocking the Achievement First campaign. Alot of talk revolving around the conditions of Providence's public schools and quality of education along with the position of teachers in the mix.