Monday, January 16, 2012

Responses to everyone's comments, posts, and blogs. Part 3

Responses to everyone's comments, posts, and blogs.  Ariel Sansone

In response to Shennen's post, I was also labeled as middle class after playing Shintz or Shag.  After reading the breakdown of my choices, I noticed some of the items or furniture I picked was considered lower class.  But that wasn't my motive for choosing the item, some of the items were horrendous.  So I picked something that wasn't country or ritzy.  The items I chose were still of lower class.  The game was so biased and stereotypical in every aspect.  After playing the game several times, I purposely picked several items to see what the characters would say.  No surprise to me, it classified me not only as lower or higher class, but it revealed very stereotypical comments.  Great post!
   In response to Vanessa's blog about Adrien Rich's article, I definitely agree with the fact that lesbians and their existence, should provide insight to society that and it needs to work on accepting homosexuality and not just classifying it as a male existence.  Vanessa said it best when she said that one's sexual preference should not make them an outcast in society. Nice post!
   In response to Eva's blog, I hate it that six year olds are getting exploited like that on TV.  Someone told me that one of these girls dressed up as the Pretty Woman actress in a performance.  Who does that?  I can't believe the mothers actually let this happen.  It's sick and degrading.  It's all about capitalism these days.  Mothers are making money off of their own children dancing, singing and whatever else they do on those shows.  Crazy.
   In response to Andrew's blog, I also agree with you that money equals power.  The more money you have the more possibilities you have.  You also control those around you as well.  Money influences everybody and it also means trouble.  Money makes you act and behave differently than you normally would.  It is very true that all of these commercials involve money and are controlled by businesses who are swimming in millions much less billions.  Nice post.
   In response to Mike's blog, I agree with you when you say we live in a material world and we are run by money.  I have a friend that came from nothing and long story short is doing very well for himself.  Well he came home for Christmas with expensive gifts for his family and it created a big fight resulting of some family members leaving early.  My friend's family felt he was showing off by buying them expensive gifts, prettty much showing off.  Well that wasn't his intention but rather share his success with the ones that matter the most. Family.  They took it the wrong way and it reminded me of the movie "Welcome Home Roscoe" with Martin Lawrence and Cedric The Entertainer.  Money is a powerful thing that can bring happiness or alot of negativity.  Nice post!
   In response to Merylda's article, I totally forgot about that song until you posted it.  That's the theme song for our class.  It's so true about the message it depicts about men and women.  Internally and externally.  It's also funny that at first you thought Ginny was like a gold-digger but then you saw it from another perspective.  I read it again after you mentioned it and it made me realize the same thing, that maybe she was taking advantage of that situation and making the most of it.  Nice Tupac videos.  OLD SCHOOL!
   In response to Annisia's blog about economic inequity and feminism, I agree that there's always a constant fight against someone else.  It shouldn't matter the color of your skin, race and etc...  Everybody should have an equal opportunity in everything they do.  This is America isn't it?  Social class is always going to be around.  Annisia said it best when she said the upper class doesn't even bother considering what the low and middle class goes through.  And the lower class still struggles to hold on and live for the next day.  I like that picture of the man and woman arm wrestling. Nice post.

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