Monday, January 16, 2012

Responses to everyone's comments, posts, and blogs. Part 2

Responses to everyone's comments, blogs, and posts.  Ariel Sansone

As stated before, my computer is still being complicated.
In response to Fallon's questions and comments for class, I do also agree that people take advantage of the system and it's not fair for the families who really do need it don't have access to it.  I also understand where people have so much pride they are not willing to accept government assistance.  They think it's shamed upon and are less of a person to receive it.  People shouldn't label or classify people based on monetary value but what's inside the mind and body.  It's sad but it's the truth.  And sometimes the family suffers the most.  On another note, I hope that liquor store picture was a joke!  That discredits the whole welfare system if they accept foodstamps for beer/liquor!

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