Monday, January 16, 2012

Responses to everyone's posts and/or blogs

To start off, my computer is not letting me open up anybody's comments referring to various blogs, so I came to realize this is the only way to respond to everybody's blogs, posts and comments.
   In response to Ryland's blog, it is very true that there is a strain because one always has preconceived notions about the other social classes.  People are quick to label others as higher class considering their "luxaries," house, car and clothes.  Everything has a monetary value on it and that's when we start stereotyping people in different classes.  I liked the fact that you brought up the whole caste sysytem because it's true, you determine your worth by comparing yourself with your neighbors or peers.  Great post.  Nice pictures as well.  That's so true and they speak for themselves.
  In response to Kayla's Social Class ans Feminism, I totally agree with the statement, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, has to do with the imbalance of power and lack of opportunity and resources the poor have access to.  When I went Occupy Providence today, I spoke with a gentleman named Mike, and one of his biggest arguments were the rich get richer and etc..  How the little men don't receive no where near what they are supposed to.  That it's all about money, and with money comes power.  I've also ran into people who refuse to receive welfare because they're better than goverment assistance.  But yet there life and family are destroyed by poverty.  I also do hear stories where people take advantage of the system and double dip from the government.  I also enjoyed your videos as well.  I never heard that Pink song.  Pretty depressing but true.  Nice.
   In response to Ethan's post, I definately agree that people should also remember the women leaders who fought for equality for themselves and others.  Women have come a long way from 60 years ago and I can only hope that one day it can be achieved.  Hey we've come a long way since the harsh days of racism, I along with the rest of the nation need to realize equality is a right and is mandatory for all sexes and races.
   In response to Yemi's Martin Luther King speech, I was wondering who was going to post his speech.  Nice.  I had heard it last semester when one of my classmates did a lesson plan on racism.  It gives me chills everytime I hear it because we've come a long way and if we can achieve racism like we have, we can overcome economic inequality.  Great video.
   In response to Brandon's questions and comments for class, I think the individual would benefit more from growing up in a middle class or working family because there are three options. 1 is becoming more succesful, 2 is staying in the same class and 3 is sinking to the bottom.  In your friends case they had 2 options, staying rich or dramatically dropping one or more classes.  I've also had friends who have taken their parents fortune for granted and have sunk to the bottom.  When life is great and you don't care about when the well is going to run dry, something bad usually happens and you sometimes don't see that until everything's gone.  I enjoyed your post and agree with you that many people don't believe class exists and don't care.  That's called shying away from the problem. Also on Family Guy, Lois' parents are a prime example of the rich get richer effect and I noticed how snobby they are in every episode especially Lois' dad.
   In response to Stephanie's blog about families not accepting his or her daughter's spouse because of class is an outrageous, feminist issue.  Social class has nothing to do with LOVE.  That story was absolutely ridiculous and it bothers me that still it's only a story, there are real life families who partake in that kind of activity.  I have friends whose family acts just like that.  It's absurd.  It's alot more common than we hear about and it's disgusting.  Nice post.
   In response to Chris's blog, what stood out and is true, is that we rarely ever hear people talking about the social class they're a part of.  We really don't because it may seem as if we are "bragging" or come across as "conceited."  I asked a couple of people about this and they pretty much had the same perceptions of coming across as better than the next person.  Chris had a point where he stated we tend to hang around the same group of friends, wear the same things and hang around the same places.  I stepped back and I can innocently relate to it.  Nice post.
   In response to Jose, I didn't know that about Pepsi.  What a shame?  I quoted you on my post about the difference between men and women's salary, $30,000.  I definitely disagree with the fact that with the same educational background women get paid less in every situation.  It also creates a social class between men and women in the workforce, where men are always on top.  Nic epost.

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