Sunday, January 8, 2012


 Gloria Anzaldua. La conciencia de la mestiza: Towards a New Conciousness

All of us deal with discriminations and prejudices in some way throughout our lives.  I enjoyed reading Anzaldua's insights on what she had to endure.  We all need to be more tolerant and accepting of each other.  Not to sound cliche' but we could all benefit from taking a look in the mirror.


"These numerous possibilities leave la mestiza floundering in uncharted seas.  In perceiving conflicting information and points of view, she is subjected to a swamping of her psychological borders.  She has discovered that she can't hold concepts or ideas in rigid boundaries.  The borders and walls that are supposed to keep the undesirable ideas out are entrenched habits and patterns of behavior; these habits and patterns are the enemy within.  Rigidity means death."

This quote stood out because it's very true that we have to  basically change who we are for short periods of time when faced with different situations.  Anzaldua explains that minorities must be open and flexible to different ideas and customs other than their own as to show a level of acceptance.  The mestiza must be able to adapt and be very tolerant to their surroundings.  The mestiza's must not be set in their ways but rather understanding of new ideas.  I agree everybody should be more understanding and flexible not only mestizas.

"You're nothing but a woman" means you are defective."

It is assumed and proven that being a woman already discredits you from many things.  You are already at a disadvantage and beneath all men.  Women have to work that much harder to have even a chance of success.  The mestizas are at a disadvantage because they are not considered macho, as men are.  When men are born, they are already predetermined to be macho. As men develop depression and sadness, the mestizas endure the backlash of it, through violence, rape and discrimination.  I have witnessed that stress and poverty does affect men and their behaviors towards the family whether it was violence or drugs.  It still doesn't mean its right to use your loved ones as an outlet for your pain.

"This land was Mexican once
was Indian always
and is.
                            And will be again."

I enjoyed Anzaldua's poem because it summed up Anzaldua's true self.  In her eyes the land will always belong to the Indians. She's acknowledges that peace will exist somewhere down the road but there are big strides that need to be made.  She recognizes that the Confederates were inconsiderate and not accepting to the fact that the Indians did own this land first.  All five countries were fighting for this land and didn't care who got killed, as long as they claimed ownership of it.  Growing up amongst all of this turmoil helped shape her into the person she is today.  I wish one day that everyone will have the patience and tolerance to understand another's culture and race.

One point I would like to discuss in class tomorrow is the learning of different cultures through education.  What if people choose not to listen? I mean it is there right.  This is a very complex subject and it all starts with our own thoughts and perceptions.  How are we going to change each other's negative perceptions of different cultures.  All I know is we have alot of work to do.


  1. I used the same last quote as you and I agree that the history behind it isn't always known to everyone and this country is one of many cultures not just one

  2. Great post! It's going to interesting to talk about it in class tomorrow.